Be a Party Planner

Photograhy by fotologic

When our kids were much younger, my wife and I would plan for their birthday parties. We realized then, that a successful birthday party requires deliberate planning and preparation. There are considerations for a child-friendly, weather-proof venue, the guest-list, type of cake, a fun and engaging programme and the mandatory goodie bag (which entails our running around Singapore to fill it up with the right goodies).

At the end of the party, the children would have had a blast, but the poor parents would be completely worn out. Yet we continue with this ritual year after year because it brought much joy to our children and invited guests.

As adults, we too plan surprise parties for occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries  and wedding proposals, for our friends.  We go the extra mile to make the occasion especially memorable for them. We do this to share in their joy and special moments, but more importantly, because these friends mean a lot to us.

These celebrations, though beautiful, point us to grander parties in heaven. In the parables of the lost sheep and lost coin, Jesus reiterated,

“… I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” (Luke 15:10).

Jesus is speaking of a divine reality.  In heaven, a party is thrown every time someone comes to know the Lord Jesus Christ! Every soul matters to God.

With the Christmas season just round the corner, let us seize every opportunity to reach out to our non-Christian friends. Plan intentionally to introduce Jesus, act in faith and pray unceasingly, for our outreach efforts are but precursors to the heavenly parties that are waiting to take place. Let us be their party planner so we can share their joy of a personal encounter with the Saviour!

You will find enclosed, a copy of this year’s Celebrate Christmas in Singapore (CCIS) magazine, “All I want for Christmas” produced by Cru in collaboration with CCIS. The stories in this issue are specially focused on families, and their experiences with love and relationships. Each featured story illustrates the different aspects of the Gospel, and comes with relevant links to articles that will prompt the reader to consider the message of Christ. There are also QR codes for instant access to the soft copy of the magazine and to special articles on the CCIS website which feature personalities Jason Wong (Dads for Life, The Yellow Ribbon Project) and Belinda Lee (MediaCorp artiste).

You can also request for more copies of the magazine via this link: for friends and colleagues.

As we make preparations for our Christmas parties this year, let us plan with an eternal perspective in mind. Be a party planner!



Lam Kok Hiang
Country Leader