“Now, I pray for my non-Christian colleagues more. I’ve also shared my testimony and the Gospel with one of them… he is very close to receiving Christ.”


The Christian community tends to have our own set of culture and language. Too often, this becomes a hindrance to building relationships with anyone not familiar with our way of thinking. However, Jesus calls us to go outside of our circle of comfort in order to engage a world that desperately needs Him.

Would you like to know how to initiate and engage people in spiritual conversations? Would you like to know how to develop your personal life story and share it relationally? Would you like to know how to help someone know more about Christ and follow them up? Then it’s time to Burst your Bubble!

Bursting Your Bubble A Relationship Revolution

Bursting your Bubble (BYB) is an evangelism training series. It is designed and developed for Christians who desire to be equipped to engage their non-Christians friends in spiritual conversations. The series has been widely conducted across Canada. In Singapore, BYB has been well received by churches like Bartley Christian Church, Bukit Panjang Methodist Church, Geylang Chinese Methodist Church, Kampong Kapur Methodist Church and Christian fellowships in companies.

Preview of sessions

“I learnt to share my life story in a more engaging, relational and interactive way.”

Ms Serene

“I learnt how to have deep and meaningful conversations that lead people to talk and think about Christ.”

Ms Susanna

The engaging five-week series cover the following topics.

Please email byb@cru.org.sg to register your interest in future Bursting Your Bubble trainings