At Cru we’re passionate about building disciples who truly follow Jesus, and in turn help others do the same.

Discover Jesus

Be more than a Sunday-Christian. Learn how to know Jesus personally.

Experience Him

Build your faith. Be transformed by Jesus' life-changing presence and power.

Inspire Others

Learn to share your faith with relevance. Bring the gospel to your community and beyond.

Be a Christian who happens to be a student, not a student who happens to be a Christian.

Why join Cru?

“I find that this community provides the opportunity for all Christians to grow deeper in love with God and in service to God as it is our common desire to follow the heart of our Lord to spread His love to everyone on campus. Being in this community has brought me on an unexpected journey of growth.”

Jie Ni
Lye Jie Nie
NTU student, member with NTU Cru

“I didn't want to remember God only when I entered church on weekends. I wanted to be conscious of God on my Mondays to Fridays too, in school.”

Choo Li Min
NUS Cru alumni