Criteria For Field Ministry Staff

  • Singaporeans preferred
  • Christian, for at least 2 years
  • Minimum education level – Diploma
  • Required to perform religious functions such as Bible teaching, praying and sharing the Christian faith
  • Good moral conduct
  • Reasonable degree of self-assurance and an ability to handle pressure
  • Prepared to raise personal financial support
  • Self-motivated, self-initiated and able to work independently
  • Prior experience in witnessing and discipleship is advantageous
  • Prepared to undergo new staff training

FAQs On Joining Cru Singapore Staff

I. Criteria For Employment

1. I’m not sure if God is calling me to serve Him full-time in Christian ministry. But I would like to give God ‘my first fruits’ – my first year of working life. Can I join Cru Singapore?

Yes. You can join us as a support-raising intern on a 1-year internship.

2. I have not spoken to my church pastor/ leaders yet. But I’m sure that God has called me to serve Him full-time. Can I go ahead and apply?

No. Cru desires to be a partner of the local church so we would like all applicants to have approval from their church before joining us. Please seek the approval of your church leaders before sending in your application.

3. I am not baptized yet because of my parents’ objections. Can I still apply to join Cru Singapore?

Baptism is one of the ordinances instituted by Christ. Therefore as Christian workers, we should obey and be an example for our disciples. If you are not baptized yet, we will not be able to accept you as a full-time support raising staff because baptism is a criterion for acceptance as a full-time staff. However, you can still apply to join us as an intern while trusting God to work towards getting baptized.

4. I’m a non-Singaporean and I desire to join Cru Singapore as a field-ministry staff. Am I able to?

The Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) protocol is that an applicant will apply to join the CCC ministry in the nation they have citizenship. But we do accept internship applications from non-Singaporeans and PRs since it is for only one year. Your employment, however, is subject to approval of work passes by the Ministry of Manpower.

Subsequently, if you decide to join us on a staff position, we will need to seek approval from the CCC of the country you are a citizen of and the relevant Area Offices before we can accept you.

5. I’m a non-Singaporean and I desire to serve in a non-field ministry position. Am I able to?

The Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) protocol does not cover non-field and salaried positions. However, your employment is subject to approval of work passes by the Ministry of Manpower.

II. Application Process

6. Where can I obtain a set of staff application forms?

If you are a ministry disciple already involved with Cru, you may request for a local staff you know to mail you the application forms. Alternatively, you may write to to request for the application forms. If you are not involved with Cru, you are advised to first fill in a pre-application form available on our web page.

7. When do I need to submit my staff application forms?

For field ministry positions, (eg, Campus Ministry, City Strategies, Creative Strategies, etc), application forms must be submitted by 15 May every year in order to allow for sufficient time to raise prayer and financial support (if you are accepted on staff) before ministry begins as well as to attend SOLEAD (School of Leadership and Development) which is our in-house new staff training that usually starts in August. We may accept applications at our discretion but we cannot guarantee the processing of any application submitted after 15 May (refer to question 14).

For non-field ministry positions, you may apply anytime subject to available vacancies.

Below are the general timeline and processes that need to take place prior to the training.

Process Remarks
Application closing date By 15 May
Interview period May –June (or earlier if application comes in before 15 May
MPD duration Mid June – end July (can start earlier if accepted on staff earlier)
Alpha Orientation 2-3 days in early August
Field ministry start date 1 August
SOLEAD start date Mid August

*The earlier you send in your application forms – way before the closing date, the better it will be for you as you will have a longer runway for MPD (Ministry Partner Development) or support-raising before ministry and training starts in August.

8. When will I be informed of the outcome of my application for a field-ministry position?

If your application is successful, you will be invited for an interview 3-4 weeks from the date we receive your application. All reference forms must be received before an interview can be scheduled.

9. Do I need to attend SOLEAD?

All new field-ministry staff is required to attend SOLEAD. It involves classroom equipping and practical field ministry at a campus or an area of service, which provides on-the-job-training as lessons are applied in a real-life context.

10. Why do I need to submit my staff application forms for a field-ministry position latest by 15 May since SOLEAD training proper only starts in August?

Joining as a new staff has 2 phases – Phase I (MPD) and Phase II (Training proper and Field Ministry). Application forms needs to be submitted by 15 May every year to allow for sufficient time to raise prayer and financial support before ministry and training starts. See Question 7.

11. (For Cru disciples) I would like to join Cru Singapore as a field ministry staff and plan to submit my application forms in mid-May. However, I plan to go for Rev Up and/or a holiday in June. How would that affect my application?

We may be able to speed up processing your application but we will not be able to schedule an interview until all references are in. Hence we cannot guarantee an interview before you leave for your trip. It may also be delayed if you did not fill up the application form correctly and/ or thoroughly. So if you are travelling, it may mean that your interview will be delayed till you are back. This in turn may mean, if you are accepted on staff, a shorter runway (insufficient time) for MPD before your ministry assignment or SOLEAD starts in August. Therefore, if you are planning to travel in June, you should submit your application forms at least one month before 15 May so that we can process and arrange for an interview before you leave for your trip.

12. What if I apply after the deadline?

We may accept applications submitted after 15 May at our discretion but we cannot guarantee the processing of any such applications. If we do accept applications after the deadline, there are 2 possible scenarios:

a. You may be allowed to join the SOLEAD training scheduled for that year. However it could be very challenging and stressful as you will have to:

  • Juggle between MPD, classroom sessions, training requirements and field ministry expectations.
  • Receive a reduced pay of $1,000 per month for as long as you have not met your support goals.


b. You may be accepted but will have to join the next cycle of SOLEAD training the following year.

13. I’m working part-time now. Can I continue to work till the middle of August?

We advise you to stop work earlier as you may need at least 3 months to fully raise your needed funds as part of your work after you are accepted on staff.

III. Salary And Ministry Partner Development (Support-raising)

14. How much does a new support-raising staff receive?

We have adopted some benchmarks set by the National Council of Social Service for our remuneration package.

15. How much support do I have to raise?

Please email for more information.

16. Will I receive any training on how to do Ministry Partner Development?

Yes, you will be trained upon acceptance. A coach will also be assigned to help you through the process. While this person will not be raising the support for you, he/she will give you weekly instruction and encouragement along the way. He/she will also help you to keep on track towards your goal of being fully funded as a staff.

17. What if I don’t raise all of my support by the ministry start date?

If you cannot raise sufficient support before your assignment begins, you can continue to do so. However, we hope this will not be the case so that you can focus on your ministry work and not have to juggle too many demands at the same time.

18. Will the salary be sufficient to meet my needs?

Our salary structure promotes a moderate lifestyle, longevity in ministry, and individual freedom and responsibility for staff. A staff member’s salary covers his basic daily necessities which include food, transport, clothing, tithes, contribution towards the family, personal insurance, etc. You may reimburse for medical/ dental, ministry related and support-raising expenses. You will also be covered by company insurance. However, you would need to raise for all the above.

19. What if I have student loans or other debts?

Being in debt does not automatically disqualify you from serving as a Cru staff. However do ensure that with your staff salary, you would be able to comfortably finance your debts and will not be hindered from giving generously.

20. Why do I need 3 months to do support-raising?

Raising for monthly needs is much more challenging than raising for a one-time mission trip. You would need to secure financial supporters who are committed to give on a monthly basis.

You will need time to do the following:

  • a. Write and design your calling newsletter
  • b. Collect and organize contact details (home addresses, email addresses, handphone numbers, etc) from at least 200 potential supporters
  • c. Send out your newsletters to them.
  • d. Follow-up via messages, phone calls and/or face-to-face meetings.

Besides that, some potential ministry partners/supporters may require a longer time to make a decision. If your ministry partner should choose to support you via GIRO, it will take between 4-6 weeks (from the date the application form is submitted) to take effect.

21. I have decided to join Cru Singapore and have just submitted my application forms. Can I start informing my potential supporters of my support needs?

No. You should not share your support needs until you have been interviewed and accepted on staff. However, you can share that you are applying to join Cru Singapore and are awaiting the interview. You may also add that if accepted, you will need to raise your own support.

IV. Employment And Training

22. How long is the term of service for a staff?

Staff positions for field ministry have a minimum service period of 3 years.

23. What will happen after I am accepted as a support-raising staff?

Upon acceptance, you will first concentrate on MPD as part of your work for a period of time before you report fully for your assignment. The duration of MDP is dependent on your employment start date and ministry assignment. For field-ministry positions, you will attend a new staff Alpha Orientation in August followed by new staff training (SOLEAD) in September. See Question 7.

24. I have the heart to reach out to campus students.

However, I’m afraid I do not have the skills to do so. Will I be receiving any training?

Yes. You will have to go through our new staff training – SOLEAD (refer to Question 9), if you are applying to be a full-time staff. Besides classroom sessions, you will also be assigned a coach who will mentor and coach you in your ministry skills as well as in your spiritual and character development.

25. I am seriously exploring serving in the mission field. Is it possible for me to go on an overseas stint?

Yes you may. Please contact our Missions Department.

26. What are the job responsibilities of a field-ministry staff?

The following are the responsibilities of a field-ministry staff:

  • a. Walk in the Spirit and grow towards Christ-likeness
  • b. Exhibit good emotional, mental and physical health.
  • c. Practice and model personal and group ministry skills of prayer, evangelism, follow-up and discipleship through discipleship groups and one-to-one personal time with disciples and ministry leaders.
  • d. Assist in planning and implementing a strategy to start or expand a spiritual movement in the assigned field.
  • e. Provide leadership to disciples by mentoring/ coaching them to help fulfill the mission/ vision of the assigned committee, field and strategy.
  • f. Maintain healthy support, a growing base of supporters and regular contact with them through regular newsletters/updates.
  • g. Has a meaningful involvement in the local church.

27. I would like to serve God and help build spiritual movements everywhere but I cannot picture myself initiating spiritual conversations on a regular basis and discipling groups of students as my job scope. Is there any other way I can contribute?

Yes. We are also looking for applicants who are interested to serve the Lord in the non-field ministries such as Human Resource, IT, Finance, Operations, Media and Corporate Communications, subject to vacancies.

28. If I apply to join as a non-field ministry staff, do I need to raise my own support and attend SOLEAD?

Cru Singapore may pay a non-field ministry staff but not at the prevailing market rate, subject to our budget constraints. It is not a requirement for a non-field ministry staff to attend SOLEAD. However, you can also choose to trust the Lord to raise for your salary and benefits, and attend SOLEAD.