With the information glut that is on the internet, we’re just one click away from some of the most profound atheistic thinking and issues with Christianity. There are answers for every one of them, but did you know that 99% of Christians don’t know it?

Whether you are a student or someone in the marketplace with questions regarding Christianity, we invite you to hear Christian apologists Josh and Sean McDowell share critical topics on Worldview, Truth, Morality, Purpose, and Defending the Christian Faith.

Find out more through the following events list.

Breakfast With Josh McDowell

13th March, 8:00 am
Orchard Parade Hotel
(For pastors by invitation)

Campus Events

Your Truth Not Mine

13th March, 6:30 pm
Speaker: Sean McDowell
Venue: UTown Auditorium 2, NUS
(For NUS staff & students only)

True For You But Not For Me

14th March, 7:00 pm
Speaker: Sean McDowell
Venue: LT 19A, NTU
(For NTU staff & students only)

* If you are a student from another faith wishing to find out more about Christianity, or are a believer bringing a friend who is, priority seating will be made available for you.

Marketplace Event

Do Right, Doing Good, and Doing Well

15th March, 7:30 – 9:30 pm
A panel of speakers including Sean McDowell.
Venue: Far East Square Pavillion

Please direct any queries to jstoursg2018@cru.org.sg.