In 2018, what would you do to Live Significantly?

Take the 8-Day Challenge

As part of the LiveSg campaign, we are excited to bring you the 8-Day Challenge —a series of daily devotions— to help you live differently in the following areas:

  • Love God and Others
  • Ignite Your Passion
  • Venture Out in Faith
  • Encourage Someone Today

Live out your faith

We’ve created this challenge to guide you in living out your faith boldly. Each day’s challenge comes with a devotional thought that will help you think a little differently about how life should be.

You’ll be inspired to live significantly, and we’re sure you’ll have fun on this challenge.

Here's a sneak peak of what you get when you sign up

Delivered to your inbox daily, each day’s challenge comes with:

  • a scriptural anchor,
  • a devotional thought,
  • a prayer guide and,
  • application steps.


Meditate on the scriptural anchor and devotional thought, right from your mailbox. Then use the guide to help you pray for power to act.

Take Action

Apply the steps based on the reading of the day. To help facilitate the process, we’ve also provided links to alternate resources.


Growth happens in community. Share the challenge with someone you know! Furthermore, it’s fun to do this together.


Love God and Others

We believe the Significant Life begins with receiving God’s love, and responding by loving Him and people.

Ignite your passion

It follows that we seek to discover our gifting and calling from God.

Venture out in faith

Then step out in faith to serve God and people. 

Encourage someone today

No matter who we are, we can help someone, to live significantly today.

Take the Challenge.

And start to see yourself live differently. Soon you’ll be helping others live significantly.

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8-Day Challenge FAQ

What is the 8-Day Challenge?

The 8-Day Challenge is part of Cru Singapore’s initiative to help people live significant lives. During the 8-Day Challenge, we want people to think how life should be in the following areas:

1. Love God & Others
2. Ignite Your Passion
3. Venture Out In Faith
4. Encourage Someone Today

Why do you call it the “8-Day” Challenge?

There are a total of 8 challenges, and each challenge is designed to be completed within a day. So theoretically, a participant should be able to complete them in 8 days.

Why should someone participate in the 8-Day Challenge?

The devotional thoughts and action steps included in each Challenge are geared towards helping you step out of your comfort zone, and to think a little differently about how life should be. 

Can I still participate if I’m not able to finish the 8-Day Challenge in 8 consecutive days?

Absolutely! We highly encourage you to sign up anyway and fit the 8-Day Challenge around your schedule. 

What if I’m unable to complete a challenge?

No worries! You can complete the challenge at your own pace. You can always begin the next challenge when you are done with the current one.

How is the 8-Day Challenge being delivered?

  • To participate in the 8-Day Challenge, first sign up using this form
  • Upon successful sign-up, you should see a message that looks like this:
  • You will then receive an email titled “LiveSg-8Day: Please Confirm Subscription“. Once you have confirmed,  you will receive an acknowledgement, followed by the 8-Day Challenge welcome message.

Please help! I am not seeing the 8-Day Challenge emails in my inbox.

The email might have gone to your Promotions or Spam folder. Doing a search for “8-days” should help you locate the email.

To work around this issue, we recommend adding”” to your email address book.

How do I ensure I receive the 8-Day Challenge emails in my inbox?

We recommend the following:

  • Confirm subscription when you receive the email titled “LiveSg-8Day: Please Confirm Subscription
  • Add “” to your email address book. 

Outreach Opportunities

Venture out in faith, and bless someone today.

Outreach to the Homeless

Join us for a night in showing care to a group of people whom we perhaps do not often see in our everyday lives. 

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Ephesians 2:10