What is RevUp?

After 15 years of missions-sending among students through Cru Singapore, God has brought thousands of people into His kingdom. But there is still more to be done! We believe that everyone should hear and respond to the gospel of God's love. All of us can make a difference in someone's life.

Will you take part in accelerating the proclamation of the gospel to the ends of the earth?

Every RevUp project will expose you to:

Urgency of Mission

Raising Labourers for the Global Harvest

Intentional Discipleship

Fulfilling the Great Commission


Why consider RevUp?

Maybe you're not convinced that The best time to go on a mission trip is while you're still a student!

Do you realize why?

You can be on a month-long mission trip, and not have to apply for annual leave nor be subjected to your boss’s approval for that leave application.

Your holidays are long enough for you to enjoy a mission trip and still have leftover to hang with your friends.

You’re fresh, quick to adapt and adventurous by nature of being a young person. These qualities make you perfect for handling the new experiences that cross-cultural missions will bring you.

But the biggest reason is, you’re at the prime season to experience God personally and discover your life purpose, passion and calling. Such things cannot be taught; they are caught. And a mission trip brings about that effect because of the vast amount of spiritual lessons you witness, learn and put into practice on the mission field.

At Cru, we believe in sending students on mission trips and having them return better than when they were sent. Every single one we have sent out into the harvest field returned with their hearts blessed, enlarged and changed.

Do you want to be one of them?

Then join us on a trip, and experience God’s heart for the world for yourself.


Explore Projects

Upcoming projects from May to July 2018 are open for registration. Consider each project prayerfully and sign up as you are led to do so.

14-27 May 2018
The Silk Project*

Cost: $1400

With deep religious roots and its government’s promotion of their major religion, Christianity remains at 1% of its population. The church still faces restrictions and Christians still face persecution in this place. But many are spiritually hungry and the Gospel is spreading as Christians who have endured persecution are sharing the gospel with their people. The campus students are interested to learn English which will give our Singapore team great advantage in building relationship with them and reaching out to them with the Gospel.

* Creative-accessed country, for second-time trippers only. Interviews/referrals needed.

14-31 May 2018
Taiwan Campus

Cost: $1100

People often comment on the spiritual darkness and hardness of hearts towards the gospel in Taiwan. Ministry here is difficult and fruit is hard won. Even though it is hard, God is still at work in Taiwan. Ride on the wave to join God at what He is doing in the spiritual atmosphere of Taiwan through reaching out to campus students. You can help to pioneer new campuses through personal conversations and outreach programs.

21 May-11 June 2018
Straits Project*

Cost: $1100

Once a place occupied by the Dutch in the colonial era, this country also survived the Japan Occupation during World War II. It now serves as a bustling port of trade and travel with a diverse mix of cultures. Come serve alongside fellow brothers and sisters in reaching out to young people of this generation! There has been a shift of spiritual atmosphere as the young are open to know more of spiritual matters.

* Creative-accessed country, for second-time trippers only. Interviews/referrals needed.

9-22 JuLY 2018
India campus

Cost: $1200

India is notable for its religious diversity. Your team will be reaching out to the university students in Bihar which was once described by the Nobel-prize winning author Naipaul, as the place where “civilization ends”. Once crippled by deadly poverty, through a series of government reforms, the state has improved steadily in terms of economic growth over the recent years. Spiritually, however, less than 0.5% of the total population is Christian. There is a great need for the people to even hear the gospel for the first time.

28 May-24 June 2018
Japan Campus

Cost: $2500

Japan is rich materially but poor spiritually. Hence, there is a desperate need for people to hear the Gospel. Less than 1% of the population claims to be Christian and not many are young people. The next generation needs to be reached with the gospel! Your team can help by making friends and reaching out to campus students through various events and platforms.

Important information

Registration for May – July 2018 projects

  • Open: 14 December 2017  
  • Close16 February 2018

Note these compulsory trainings dates:

  • 10 March 2018, 930am – 1pm
  • 24 March 2018, 930am – 3pm

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