On Dry Seasons and Parched Grounds

Photograph by Ian Sane
Photograph by Ian Sane

The recent dry spell we are experiencing in Singapore has turned many lush green fields into brown arid grounds. These parched grounds, withering beneath the hot sun, lie in wait of much needed rain shower.

At times, this picture of the parched ground may mirror the state of our relationship with God. We may not feel like we are experiencing the “showers” of His blessings and God seems so far away. This can lead to a lack of joy and loss of passion in our walk with God. We go through the motion of religiosity, allowing an attitude of indifference to creep into our hearts, which if left unchecked, may give rise to cynicism and dissent.

Here are a couple of reasons why our Christian lives can turn to parched grounds:-

First, we may be harboring unconfessed sin in our lives. David said in Psalm 68:8b, “the rebellious dwell in the parched land.” Unconfessed sin robs us of the joy in the Lord, and it drains us emotionally and spiritually. David’s spirit was sapped when he sinned against God did nothing about it for almost a year (read Psalm 51).

Next, we may be going through emotional and mental fatigue. The varying circumstances in  life can sometimes leave us feeling discouraged or dismayed. We may be burdened by disappointments about life, concerns for our loved ones or worries about the future. We fret over matters that are beyond our control, and the prolonged emotional drain can sap our emotional, mental and spiritual energy. The Psalmist writes, “I am weary with my crying out; my throat is parched. My eyes grow dim with waiting for my God” – Psalm 69:3 (ESV).

Like the brown arid grounds in our parks that thirst for rain, we must likewise thirst after the deep refreshment of soul that only God can give . Again David writes, “I stretch out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like a parched land.” – Psalm 143:6 (ESV). We must drink deeply from the Cistern of Living Waters, because only He can “turn those parched land into springs of water” (Psalm 107:35 [ESV]).

There have been seasons in my own spiritual journey when I was like the parched land. The daily grind of life, the demands of balancing ministry work and church activities with family commitments, stage-of-life challenges, conflict and expectation management and the weight of responsibility that comes with leadership, can take a toll on me. In such times, I knew I needed to persevere and drink deep from the Source. My favorite sources of refreshment in the Word are the Psalms and the Gospels. I also make certain choices in my schedule to “selah” (“pause”, as the Psalmist would say) and to reflect, so that I am ready to recognize and receive when the Lord bestows His showers upon me.

May you also be refreshed and re-energised as you drink from the Source.


Lam Kok Hiang, Country Leader
March 2014