• Bubble Head by Nicole

    Bursting Your Bubble

    A seven-week small group training series. It was designed and developed for men and women in the marketplace who both needed, and wanted, to be equipped to engage their friends and colleagues in spiritual conversations.

  • NYP Recruitment 2

    School of Leadership & Development

    A nine-month Christian life and ministry training program. It involves classroom equipping and practical field ministry at a campus or an area of service, which provides on-the-job-training as lessons are applied in a real-life context.

  • masterpiece

    The Significant Woman

    This is a resource to help women live connected to God and discover their personal mission. Did you know that very few women have a personal mission statement? Only through knowing our personal mission is it possible to stay grounded and focused on what God has called us to do.

  • The Significant Man

    This is a a discipleship course and represents a new kind of learning process. By utilizing life-coaching methods, caring facilitators and personal peer coaches, this unique course provides a method of personal discovery like no other. It combines the Word of God with biblical life principles and is presented in a warm, caring and secure environment, allowing you to apply what you are learning to your daily life.