• NYP Recruitment 2

    School of Leadership & Development

    A nine-month Christian life and ministry training program. It involves classroom equipping and practical field ministry at a campus or an area of service, which provides on-the-job-training as lessons are applied in a real-life context.

  • masterpiece

    The Significant Woman

    This is a resource to help women live connected to God and discover their personal mission. Did you know that very few women have a personal mission statement? Only through knowing our personal mission is it possible to stay grounded and focused on what God has called us to do.

  • The Significant Man

    This is a a discipleship course and represents a new kind of learning process. By utilizing life-coaching methods, caring facilitators and personal peer coaches, this unique course provides a method of personal discovery like no other. It combines the Word of God with biblical life principles and is presented in a warm, caring and secure environment, allowing you to apply what you are learning to your daily life.