What’s Hanging On Your Door?

>>> Mandarin version of this article 你的心门上挂着什么指示牌?

Dear Ministry Partners,

Many hotel rooms around the world provide “Do Not Disturb” and “Make Up Room” door signs for their guests to communicate their preferences to the housekeepers. During a recent hotel stay, the Lord prompted me to reflect on the condition of my heart through these door signs.

“Do Not Disturb”

Sometimes, we tell God to not disturb our lives. My life is going well, and I do not want to be too religious or over committed. I will do my part as a Christian – go to church, tithe, serve God at my convenience – but I still want to be in control of my life. However, some areas of my life are strictly out-of-bounds to Him.

These “do-not-disturb” areas could be reflective of our struggles with past trauma or ongoing sins, a desire to be in control of our lives and make decisions on our own, or a deep disappointment with God for withholding things or outcomes of our desire. Like Peter who, on the night that Jesus was arrested and went on trial before the Sanhedrin, “followed Him at a distance” (Matthew 26:58), we cannot follow Christ wholeheartedly when we keep God out of our lives.

“Make Up Room”

We sometimes treat God like a room service attendant whom we call upon to clean up the mess that we have callously created. When we cry out to God in desperation (Psalm 102:1), God in His mercy hears us and will come to our aid. However, if we expect God to be at our beck and call, or a doormat to be stepped on, then we have taken both Him and His grace for granted.

When God cleans up the mess in our lives, we must seek His forgiveness, repent from our self-centredness and resolve to get right with Him.

Let me suggest a door sign that will have a life-changing effect on us.

“Make Yourself At Home”

This is an invitation for Christ to come in and dwell in our hearts. We want God to be at home and have access to all aspects of our lives. God is not merely a guest, but Author and Master of our lives. When we allow Him to have full control of our being, He will give us the peace and rest that we need, and will constantly remind us to keep our hearts pure and be holy. God is delighted when He is welcomed.

Which sign is hanging on the door of your life in this season?


Lam Kok Hiang
Country Leader






有些时候,我们对上帝说,“请别打扰我的生活。” 我对目前的生活很满意,我不想太多地投入信仰。我会尽基督徒的本分 – 参与崇拜、按月奉献,在时间许可的时候事奉上帝;但是我仍要自己掌管人生,甚至我生活的一些领域是绝对不允许上帝介入的。